Superintendent's Reports


Friday 25th November 2022

The weather turned it on for us this week so we decided to start our weed eradication programs on Greens, Tees, Fairways and selected rough areas.

Greens and Tees were spot sprayed manually targeting Sedges, QLD Blue, Crow's-foot and Carpet grass. Blue dye was used as an additive to make sure staff hit weeds once, and could see what areas they had covered. This will be repeated every week until 100% of weeds are removed

Fairways were blanket sprayed on Tuesday mainly focusing on Kikuyu, Carpet grass, QLD Blue and Sedges, you will notice the fairways going off colour over the coming weeks due to phytotoxicity from the herbicide. Our couch fairways will bounce back to their nice green colour in no time.

Roughs were spot sprayed via our boom sprayer, targeting Crow's-foot.

I believe compared to previous years we have removed a lot of weeds from fairways and surrounds, meaning next year we can target key areas in the rough. 

Our roughs are littered with many varieties of weeds which will require multiple applications throughout summer. 

The vets also continue to chip away at wire grass in the rough, a never-ending task but one we appreciate them taking on. 

If you are willing to assist, please contact the office or Paul Stapleton who is leading the gang!

Fairways were cut once this week as the growth is still controlled, they are holding great colour and present well when the wind stays down. 

Tees and surrounds were cut twice with a foliar applied Thursday afternoon around all greens, our Vac and wide area rough mowers were both out Friday to clean up the roughs in prep for the weekend..

Enjoy the weekend golfing as it looks like more rain on the way!

Mark Stanley
Golf Course Superintendent

Friday 18th November 2022

A busy week for the crew with 3 shotguns to work around, keeping in mind our lead up prep for the final round of club champs on Sunday!

Greens were cut 4 days this week, rolling them 3 times, miticide was applied to all greens, tees and collars as we are still seeing mite activity in some areas. 

A soil application on greens was applied on Wednesday to help flush the soil profile of salts as we find ourselves irrigating more and more due to winds and higher daytime temps, in saying that we have had a few cold mornings as of late, with temps creeping down to nearly 10 degrees!

Our fairways are sitting nicely with some controlled growth due to temps as we are only cutting them once a week, the rough hasn't popped yet also which we don't mind at all. 

Summertime growth is only around the corner unfortunately. 

Bunker runners were sprayed, native areas also by Danny and the crew followed up with some mulching.

The top putter received some more organic fertiliser (sorry about the smell), but we find the greens respond to it well. Mitch our recently qualified greenkeeper, applied hemic and a retaining wetting agent by hand to help it cope with the amount of wear and tear it receives, the Tiff Tuff that surrounds our top putter is living up to its name and doesn't seem to mind the traffic.

Some of our weaker tees received a granular feed, gypsum + wetting agent granules as they are smaller in size and struggle with the foot traffic, this will be an ongoing monthly task for the team to keep our tee surfaces strong enough to compete with the number of rounds we see here.

Forecast for the weekend looks fine and hot!! here's to hoping the wind stays as the amount of bark we are clearing daily seems to be more and more every year! They are predicting a storm Sunday night, which I don't mind, the course could do with 10 to 15mm.

Enjoy the weekend golfing and enjoy the golf on Sunday, I hope it's close.

Mark Stanley
Golf Course Superintendent

Friday 11th November 2022

The wind has been relentless with only Friday dying down keeping the course in a respectable state. 

We had the blowers out most mornings to keep our maintained surfaces clean, the cooler temps once again slowed growth across the course as we cut greens Monday, Wednesday and Friday only, Saturday we will cut and Sunday we will cut and roll. 

We performed a mini hollow aeration on greens 2, 4, 14, 16 and both putters to help speed up the drying out process and decrease the black layer build up, these greens have poor profiles and hold water for too long which is not good for our roots, following this a granular was applied along with dolomite to help reduce the salt levels.

Wetting agent was applied and watered in preventing any dry path on the greens surface from the high winds. 

Our 14th green is receiving some trial work for ERI disease, Westgate Labs are conducting trials on the back portion of that green.

Tees and fairways were cut once this week, fairways were foliar fertilised on Friday and a wetting agent was applied on Tuesday and watered in 5 min, this helps retain moisture in the profile to combat the winds.

Bunker edges were sprayed with a growth regulator and herbicide then trimmed and weeds/runners removed by hand, we have had some mulch donated to us from Swann's Arboricultural Services, this will go in any out of play areas and all our gardens, this reduces our rough mowing/weed germination and we plan on adding more areas planting some with natives in areas we see fit.

The team have been busy tidying up the old dump area behind the 16th tee, old implements, concrete, steel etc has been recovered and will be removed off site, with a small garden being added to frame the back of the 16th tee.

Hopefully this wind stays down over the weekend and good luck to all playing in the semi final of the club champs!

Enjoy the weekend golfing

Mark Stanley
Golf Course Superintendent

Friday 04th November 2022

This week brought out all types of weather! 9mm of rain fell early on followed by high winds, cool nights, and sunshine, Throw the planner out the window!

We managed to cut tees and fairways twice this week, getting the blower out most days to try and battle the winds, this ended up mainly for debris removal from surfaces so we could cut and not damage mowers.

Greens slowed in growth as the week went on, both a soil application and foliar application was applied along with granular fertiliser on our weaker greens.

Dolomite was applied on greens 2, 5, 8, 10, 14, 16 to help flush salts through their profile, some areas received sand to help promote lateral growth and prevent algae from forming.

We hit all our tees and fairways with Pennmag, a pre-emergent herbicide to prevent our summer type weeds germinating.

Higher temps and rain create the perfect mix for weeds to pop, this was watered in 5 min after applying.

Our fairways have recovered from the mite damage and are holding colour well, even with the high winds.

We plan to start our weed eradication program shortly, right now it's just about letting the fairway and green surrounds strength improve. We also have scheduled in this summer, some herbicide sprays for selected roughs and notorious wire grass regions.

Wayne and Leanne got stuck into our waste bunker on 16 adding in some natives that like wet feet, once they flower, they will be a nice little addition to that bunker! They also made many trips around the course picking up debris all throughout the week. Every little bit helps!

This wind looks like hanging around, along with the cooler temps, so golf on the weekend will be testing.

Enjoy the weekend golfing and good luck to all playing in the final monthly medal and the ¼ final of the Club Championships on Sunday.

Mark Stanley
Golf Course Superintendent

Friday 28th October 2022

How good is this sunshine!!

A fantastic week of warm days has sent the surfaces into overdrive with the roughs and fairways jumping out of the ground! Fairways were cut twice this week with our rough mowers going out four of the five days, tees and greens surrounds also being cut twice, some areas are recovering quickly, some areas a little slower due to traffic and shade.
Greens were cut all but one day this week, with a few weak areas on greens still hanging around we lift over let them grow and cut them occasionally to speed up the recovery. 

We sprayed greens twice this week with fertilizer, focusing on the strength of the turf.

We also applied a preventative fungicide targeting different diseases, with the humid days and the profile of the greens staying moist, creating perfect conditions for pathogen growth.

On Tuesday night the Queensland Golf Industry Awards were held at the Star Casino on the gold coast. Redcliffe Golf Club has been successful in winning the Metropolitan Tournament of the Year two years running, this is a fantastic achievement for the club and all the staff in each department. Well done everybody!!

I would also like to say it's an honor for myself to win the Assistant Superintendents Recognition Award, this is one of my proudest moments since being in the industry, thank you to all the staff at Redcliffe, big thanks to Mark Stanley for the nomination and to all the boys in the shed, it wouldn't be possible without you.

Lastly good luck to everyone playing this weekend in the Anniversary Plate, and also the Club Champs. Its looking like a cracker of weekend.

Happy Golfing!!

Assistant Superintendent
Matthew Kelly

Friday 21st October 2022

We are still playing the waiting game for our temps to increase, we are seeing marginal growth across the course but still not enough to compete with the wear and tear of day-to-day golf. 

We received 19mm Wednesday night which helped as we applied granular fertiliser to all greens and tees that morning, one issue we suffer from here are pinch/narrow points around greens, continual traffic (walking and motorized ) on areas between bunkers and greens result in bare areas, these areas then require extra fertiliser and regular topdressing. 

We tried placing ropes and hoops up to alert golfers to avoid, but unfortunately most got moved, run over, or cut. These have now been moved and we will continue to top-dress and fertilise, but it's also up to the members to avoid. 

We see a lot of golfers through the gates here and course etiquette is so important.

Keep motorized buggies away from greens and tees, stay on paths and avoid those narrow sections of the course.

Fairways received wetting agent and insecticide as we try to get on top of mite numbers. We are seeing less damage now and seem to be on the mend, it will be a monthly procedure now to keep them at bay and break up their lifecycle. 

Greens received a soil application to flush the profile and a preventative, fungicide was also applied with the threatening weather forecasted. 

After the rain Wednesday night, we needle tined all greens on Thursday and rolled, this helps create air pockets in the profile and if we do receive what's forecasted, helps dry them out quicker over the weekend.

Bunkers were edged and weeded, gardens were tended to, and tee complexes and paths were trimmed. 

Tee top divots repaired and sprayed with insecticide and wetting agent.

Here's hoping the rain stays away over the weekend...

Mark Stanley
Golf Course Superintendent

Friday 14th October 2022

The course is finally showing signs of some growth with temps up and some humid nights helping the cause!

Our foliar brew on Tuesday included a miticide, calcium nitrate and ambient plus, which is a pigment to help darken the leaf to activate growth, mite activity has slowed with signs of recovery. 

We still witness golf carts and pull carts walk/drive through weaker areas that have sand on them. Please avoid these areas, stress on the plant encourages disease and insect activity.

Greens were cut and rolled 3 days in a row and will be cut and rolled for the club champs on Saturday, they still have some weaker areas on them which next week will be top dressed and fertilised.

A windy week meant the vac and blower was out most days.

We plan on presenting a neat and tidy course over the weekend. 

Saturdays forecast looks fine with low winds, our rough still sits semi dormant, soil temps still hover around 18 to 20 degrees so the rough mower was out Thursday and Friday hitting any Kikuyu areas and selected rough regions. 

Temps have kept any growth at bay, no doubt in a few weeks our rough mower will be out daily.

The lads were out later in the week tidying up pond edges, tee complexes and spot spraying weeds. 

Bunker runners were hit with roundup and edges with primo. The 12th bunker had more fill placed in areas, we are not far off giving that a final shape and install the cart path.

Good luck to all with the 1st round of the club champs, the weather looks great for golf and low scores!

Next week, the weather predicted looks terrible.....again.

Mark Stanley
Golf Course Superintendent

Friday 7th October 2022

We need summer!!! As soil temps are still quite low as we have not seen our fairways jump with growth, in addition to this we are battling disease in most fairways from our wet winter and mites are active more then ever, which is unusual for this time of year.

We have a 4 week program in place, which we hope will lead us into when soil temps are high and the grass will kick into gear on its own! Some weaker areas received a top-dress to help protect and aid in lateral growth. 

Our 10th green also received a top-dress as it is always the slowest to recover, we have reduced our mowing program on this also to help speed recovery.

Greens are being cut 6 days a week and rolled 3 days a week. 

Our fairways were cut once this week and will be rested till the end of next week. 

Our blower and vac have been out most days keeping on top of the debris and Friday morning the bunkers received a trim along with our lake edges.

We continue to mulch out areas under trees and convert them into native areas, this over time will reduce mowing and allow us to focus on the rough in the high play areas.

More areas have been sprayed and cultivated with mulch to follow on hole 1, 17 and 10.

Enjoy the weekend golfing

Mark Stanley
Golf Course Superintendent


Friday 30th September 2022

A busy week for the team focusing on pushing the recovery of the surfaces. Greens were foliar fed twice and have progressed well during the week. We will continue to spot top dress and spot fert with organics until full coverage is obtained. Surrounds are still weak and wet so please avoid high traffic areas. They will receive an insecticide and weekly sanding and fertilizing till recovered. Our fairways are showing signs of mite damage, so a miticide was applied to target both the adult and eggs. These have been with us for many years at Redcliffe GC and will take multiple applications to get their numbers at a tolerable level. Mites thin areas out and suck the life out of the plant and are hard to eliminate. Another reason to remove thatch as this is where they reside! We also sprayed a miticide on all tees as a preventative measure.

Granular fertiliser was applied on fairways 1,5,7,12,13,14,15,17 and 18 to help push growth and recovery.

We continue to fill in the bunker on 12. A path and mounding will be shaped to reduce traffic on the front and left of that green. The path will connect to the path on 13 to keep buggies away from that green. Our contractor was in on Thursday to repair the drain up at the buggy shed which has been causing problems for some time now. Large pipe was installed and backfilled.

Some irrigation repairs were ticked off our list, fairways cut twice and rough mown and debris collected. Tee complexes were tidied up, mulch dropped under the trees along the fence line on 18 and more natives were planted in the garden on 15 tee by our volunteers.

Enjoy the weekend golfing

Mark Stanley
Golf Course Superintendent


​Friday 23rd September 2022
Monday we gave the greens their final dusting of sand to fill in any imperfections! As the temps rise, we will focus on the weaker areas on some greens to promote fast growth, this will include spot topdressing, organic fertiliser and plugging ,please avoid walking through these areas to help recovery !! Greens were cut Wednesday, Saturday and rolled Friday and Sunday. Next week heights will be dropped to our target 3mm as the sand works through the profile.
Gary applied wetting agent to all fairways on Tuesday as they were showing signs of dry patch, then we copped 32mm of rain Thursday/Friday, soaking our playing profiles once again. 

Carts will be on over the weekend but please be mindful of the usual areas that hold water, keep buggies away from greens and approaches. 
Weekend looks fine and hot which will help the drying out process.
Tees received an application of pre-emergent herbicide and the 10th green and top putter received another granular fertiliser. 
Bunkers were edged and bases were levelled by Mitch and Trent. 
Algae was removed from the faces and sand moved to areas it is needed.
Areas under selected trees were mulched and native shrubs planted, flowering natives were also planted down beside the 15th tee, toilet on 12 and between 7/8, these attract wildlife and the flowers look great! The garden around the top putter has matured beautifully and is in bloom. 
Mulching these areas reduces our rough mowing, which in summer will help us immensely, not to mention our fuel bill.   

The Golf Course Maintenance team and I are very sorry to hear the passing of Billy Pop. A great club man that loved RGC! He always popped in to have a chat about grass and his beloved Saints. He will be dearly missed.

Enjoy the weekend golfing

Mark Stanley
Golf Course Superintendent

​Friday 16th September 2022

Plenty on this week as our playing surfaces recover and grow. Fertiliser was applied to all greens in the forms of a granular and foliar spray. We are pushing for lateral growth, rolling as much as we can and plan a lighter topdress on Monday. This should fill in any hollows and allow us to lower the height of cut later in the week to 3mm. Now is a perfect time to see the grainy areas in the greens as these are slower to recover. These patches are the areas we will work all through summer to eliminate grain affecting your putts...

With soil temps on the rise, we applied our pre-emergent to fairways, roughs and green surrounds. Our main target is Crowsfoot, best to prevent it from germinating than spraying once established. It matures quickly and can easily grow in our greens at 3mm.

Thursday and Friday saw the team level out bunkers bases and probe the faces to push sand where it's needed. They also removed any algae that had accumulated in low areas. Not an easy task with our undulating clay bases, it also takes around 3 days to complete and is back breaking work.

We continue to carry out our tree audit, with the first hole being completed Thursday/Friday. The right side of one had a lot of large widow makers balancing in forks along with dead limbs in nearly every tree. These works need to be carried out for the safety of members, guests, and my team. It also improves the health of the trees and prevents limbs from growing out horizontally and sagging. All limbs that were encroaching over the first fairway have been nipped back, providing more sunlight to the fairway, framing it nicely. We also made sure to keep the density in the canopy up top to protect the golfers on the practice range. The silky oak behind the 1st green was removed due to it being hollow and rotting, it was also affecting the health of the green.

With all this mulch we plan on completing along the fence line on 18 and look at mulching under trees in certain areas of the rough. We will take a delivery of native plants on Monday and plant these areas out.

Greens will be cut at 4mm on Saturday, they are still open and soft in some areas so please repair your pitch mark and any close by.

 ​Friday 09th September 2022

A huge week for the team (and volunteers) with some massive tasks completed. Three 12+hr days by all carrying out important renovation practices that will help get this course through the upcoming growing season. Weather experts are predicting a wet summer so we focused on coring as much as we could to open the profile which has been so wet this winter. Below is what the team achieved,


  • All greens verti cut, cored, rolled, top-dressed, fertilized and amendments added
  • All tees verti cut and cored, top-dressed and fertilized
  • All green surrounds verti cut and cored, top-dressed and fertilized
  • All fairways verti cut and fertilized
  • Fairways 1,3,4,12,9, spot cored in weak areas
  • Fairways 5, 13, 15,17 cored entirely


Volunteers achieved:


  • Safety bollards corrected on 4th hill
  • Garden on 15th men's tee mulched and planted
  • Mulch added under trees on 18 fence line, practice area, around toilet and sign on 12
  • Core collection front 9 around tees and greens
  • Bunker cleaning 1 to 18
  • Rotary hoe rough area right of 6 fairway in the hazard area to smooth off


We can't thank the volunteers enough for their efforts. Renovation involves some serious manual labour and back breaking work. Having them on course allowed my team to focus on the major jobs, allowing us to complete everything in the 3-day window.

With rain falling now, this will help push the sand through the profile, meaning come Monday, we will top dress again to fill any holes still open. We intend to roll as much as possible to smooth the surface but please be patient in the healing time for our surfaces.

Repair pitch marks and replace divots with sand please...

Enjoy the weekend golfing

Mark Stanley
Golf Course Superintendent


​Friday 02nd September 2022
Leading into renovations next week the greens received both a foliar application with fungicide to help protect the plant through the stress next week and a soil application with wetting agent to open up our profile. Greens were rested on Thursday and rolled 3 times this week. We have seen some growth on fairways and tees which is great leading into next week.

Both apprentices were out hand spraying Kikuyu in green surrounds, fairways and approaches with herbicide. The kikuyu will get a second hit next week to prevent it from spreading whilst our surfaces are open. We also applied granular Urea to worn out areas in fairways and green surrounds. Danny has sprayed weed killer along the fence line on 18, around the toilet on 12 and in the garden on 15. These areas will be mulched and both the toilet on 12 and garden on 15 will have natives planted. Natives are hardy, slow growing and provide our fauna with the correct food when flowering. The Grevillea around the top putter is in full bloom and the birds love it. Planting the incorrect species in our region may harm native fauna, it also creates more work for us as their growth rate causes them to overtake gardens. Our aim is to have only native Australian plants on course and to eliminate noxious weeds.

Gav continues to repair the toilet on 12, although not a complete overhaul but a facelift to make it somewhat easy on the eye. We will plant some medium sized shrubs around to camouflage and give it a lick of paint.

Once again, the forecast will be throwing a spanner in our works with rain predicted Friday and Saturday. I will assess the course Sunday afternoon to help plan our Renovation program. All going well we aim to perform the following works,


·         Scarify -5mm east west, healthy greens will receive a double scarify

·      Aerate with 12mm Solid tine to a depth of 200mm

·         Aerate with 10mm Hollow tine to a depth of 80mm

·         Roll 2-3 times

·         Apply amendments (organics and gypwet)

·         Top-dress using blended Humate and Gypsum USGA sand mix

·         Fertilise with granular


·         Scarify -5mm multiple directions

·         Aerate with 19mm hollow tines to a depth of 80mm

·         Cut at 10mm

·         Top-dress using plain USGA sand

·         Fertilise with granular


·         Procore with 19mm hollow tines to a depth of 80mm

·         Blow clean

·         Top-dress using plain USGA sand


·         Scarify east west at bench height

·         Blow off and mow at 12mm

·         Blow off and collect

·         Fertilise with granular

Our main goal this time round is coring as much as we can to open up the profile, which has been wet since January. By removing a core from the profile and replacing it with sand promotes healthy roots and incorporates air into the profile.  

Mark Stanley
Golf Course 

Friday 26th August 2022

With our 2 apprentices in their final week of Tafe, the team managed to present the course well and tick some boxes leading up to course renovations!

Greens are now at 3mm and have really kicked on after the granular last week, you can see the areas Danny spot sprayed with herbicide, weeds are yellowing off and disappearing, Danny also applied a wetting agent and insecticide to all fairways and earlier in the week applied a herbicide to green surrounds and approaches. This should knock down our Poa population before renos and prevent us from spreading it further for next winter. You would have also noticed all the Poa Triv eradicated from the top putter too.

We plan on commencing our weed eradication program a few weeks after renos, focusing on cleaning up all fairways and roughs in certain areas. We made quite an impact last year so will go again this year. 

Fairways 11,15,5 and 16 received some organic fertiliser on Thursday as they are behind all others in regard to health and coverage. We are battling mites and scale now the temps are warming up.

Gav is working away at repairing the toilet building on 12. He plans on filling the gaps and giving it a lick of paint, some native shrubs will be planted around to have it not stand out as much.

Jordy has been trimming sprinkler heads, you will notice all have yardages on them now to the center of the green.

We had an engineer from Atlas Golf come look at the wash out on the hill behind 4th,  the goal is to permanently stabilize the hill with a natural terraced look using boulders, this will result in flat areas that can be planted out with natives ground covers and shrubs. We also plan to have drainage and overland flow areas to accommodate any more 1.2mtr rainfall months!

With the forecast not looking good for next week, I'd be getting some golf in this weekend!


Mark Stanley
Golf Course 

Friday 19th August 2022

A busy week for the team due to perfect growing (and golf) conditions, thankfully the wind stayed away which allowed us to keep the course clean and tidy! Our rough mower and vac gave the place a once over and it presented well.

Our greens received a granular fertiliser on Monday, this should kick in next week and have them nice and green coming into renovations, we also applied a wetting agent and nemacide to keep the pest numbers to a minimum. 

Danny has been out spot spraying greens and hitting weeds that are still hanging around, this will be a weekly task for him leading up to renovations. We continue to spot top-dress by hand any open areas on greens that may lead to algae.

Fairways received Urea and Miticide on Friday, again to keep pest numbers down leading up to renovations. Fairways looked a tad dry this week with the daytime temps in the mid 20s, so we ran an irrigation program Thursday night, I can't remember the last time we watered fairways, it's been months!

Tees were cut twice this week, bunkers were edged and hard to reach areas were brushcut and tee complexes tidied, Pete continued to add fill into the old bunker on 12 as the weather allowed us.

Our surround on the 8th green is slowly recovering! Can all golfers (walking and carts) please follow the signs to the right of the green. The front of 8 needs all the help it can get, having golfers continually walk between the green and bunker wears out the grass. The same goes for the 2nd, 4th, 6th, 10th & 15th green complexes. The area between the green and bunker is getting hammered with foot traffic. 

Please avoid so the grass can grow. Every little bit helps

Weekend looks great for golf!

Mark Stanley
Golf Course Superintendent

Friday 12th August 2022

A short week and some staff out with Covid limited us, but the team got stuck in and presented the course well throughout the week! We lowered our cutting heights, edging closer to our summer height of cut, with greens now sitting at 3.5mm and fairways at 12mm.

We have increased our frequency of cut also resting the greens only once this week. Overall health and sunny days have allowed us to push forward with this, a herbicide was applied Friday to knock out any remaining winter grass that is still present.

Green surrounds and approaches received a granular fertiliser on Thursday while some fairways had organic fertiliser applied to any weak areas.

Our main aim now and the next 3 weeks is to "wake" our surfaces up and get them ready for the upcoming reno in September. This won't be as aggressive as previous ones, but it is still important to have the grass strong and growing well leading into any renovations.

Our blower, vac and rough mower were all out in force this week, clearing surfaces, mulching and picking up debris, definitely helps when the wind is on our side. Our course really does shine when there are no leaves laying around and it is much better for our mowers when its clean and tidy. We also continued to add fill into the old bunker on 12 whilst dry, with these works it has created a maintenance track between 9 and 14 green. This will be repaired once works complete.

Our volunteers removed the nasty vine that was taking over the tree behind the 12th green, that area now receives more sunlight, and we plan on adding sand to the bare areas and laying turf, that region does see a lot of golf balls from approach shots running through the green, so we plan on having some grass there soon to play off.

Enjoy the weekend golfing and here's to hoping the predicted rain on Saturday avoids us. 

Good luck to the Pennant side on Sunday also, bring home the Win!!!

Mark Stanley
Golf Course Superintendent

Friday 5th August 2022

A light shower to start the week but overall, some nice weather and some warm midday temps helped our greens along. We held off cutting greens after Tuesday as we dusted greens as algae is still present and we are still playing catch up due to the weather we have had. This is a disruption to play I know, but a necessary evil. Sand keeps our greens firm, true and prevents thatch build up. Our usually sand supplier is still not open to taking orders due to the floods in February, we hope this month they can start to supply again. Their sand blends in and sits in the canopy better, going unnoticed. Hopefully they start supplying again in time for the next reno.

Greens were rested and allowed to grow, they will be cut both days over the weekend and height of cut will be dropped next week as we are happy with the health of them. 3mm is our target.

We finally started our tree audit this week, the 8th was first off the rank. A lot of dead wood was removed making the area safe for both golfers and staff. The big gums were de-loaded, and the paperbarks were trimmed back. Overall, 6 large truckloads of mulch came from this, all of which will be used out on course in our gardens. We plan to move to the 1st soon, lining up weather and contractor availability.

Fairways received a foliar fertiliser application along with some hollow aeration in the weak / compacted areas. Our salt affected fairways, 16 and 17, received more sand in the “pot holes” to encourage the grass to cover and prevent water from being trapped. Our vets were out in force again, this time attacking some wire grass. Weather has held them back carrying out this huge task, but with Tuesday looking good they made a start. The team and I really appreciate them coming out and lending a hand.

The cart path from 13th green to 14th tee will be concreted next week, Tony Rendall has been busy prepping the area. Not only better for members but also the green staff. We can now use the path with our machines rather than getting bogged in the grass nearby. The besser block kerbing was removed to prevent any damage to mowers/buggies and give us more room to get through. That hideous stump with the overgrown vine was also removed.

With only a few to complete, soon all bunkers will have rake holders placed on the low side. We have noticed some of these holders are being moved or carried with the rake. We position these in areas where golfers should enter and exit. One for safety and ease, nice flat faces to walk down and two, prevent walking on steep faces which we are trying to keep compact. Placing the rake back after use helps out the group behind you and the green staff.

Enjoy the weekend golfing!

Mark Stanley

Golf Course Superintendent

Friday 15th July 2022

Another week, another shower.

11mm fell Tuesday night, topped up all our profiles once again. Not ideal, but the team adapted and pushed through. We have a new team member starting with us this week (of all weeks) called Mitch. Be sure to say hi. You won't miss him, at 6ft and some, he stands out. I put him on the roller leading up to the pro-am for that extra weight and speed!

Greens were dropped to 3mm, which is our summertime height of cut and rolled everyday of the week. They were single cut Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, then followed with a double cut on Thursday Friday. Moisture readings were high in most which kept the speed to about 10.5 avg, but once the westerly kicked in and dried out that surface, greens were rolling out nicely at 11 on the stimp. The team and I are extremely happy with how the greens are at present, given the circumstances we have been dealt over the last 6 months.

Tees were dropped in height to 10mm and cut Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. They were given a foliar feed as well, the same brew we fed the greens with. Kelp, Silica, Potassium and Phosphorus along with some iron for colour. This will easily get them through to next week. Fairways were cut once and fed with a liquid brew that made them pop!

Bunkers edged, some thin areas topped up with sand and bases were levelled with the sandpro blade. Regarding raking bunkers, we have been keeping the sandpro out of them the last few months and have been hand raking all of them. We find less sand gets dragged to entry and exit points and the sand does not become compacted. It's also great exercise for the lads!

The blower and vac worked overtime this week once the winds got up, luckily our new Toro blower works a treat. Doesn't take long to zip around and clean our fairways now.

To all those playing in the pro-am, enjoy. Chris and his team do a fantastic job behind the scenes setting up a fun day. The feedback has been nothing but praises. I am super proud of my team of greenkeepers for their efforts leading up to this. The course presented beautifully. Their attention to detail shows their passion for the course.

To all those playing over the weekend, the greens will still be holding their speed, so good luck!

Good luck also to the pennants on Sunday against Pacific. Always great to start off with a Win!


Mark Stanley
Golf Course Superintendent

Friday 08th July 2022

With 47mm falling over 4 days it pushed our year-to-date rainfall over the 2000mm mark! Not a stat to be proud of but it challenges us leading up to the pro-am.

The forecast looks good and I predict we should be somewhat dry for the Thursday and Friday. 

Carts are out this weekend, please follow the signs. Holes 1-8 carts are permitted on the fairway however please avoid any wet areas. Holes 9-18 carts are to be kept strictly in the rough only and walk to your ball. 


We were out again on greens solid tining and rolling to help dry them out and push oxygen into the greens profile, we have lowered the height of cut to 4mm, with our target 3.5mm for the pro-am. 

Certain greens are receiving extra fertiliser in the afternoon to help them through these colder temps. Our wet green surrounds and aprons also received a needle tine to help dry them out, please avoid them, even foot traffic marks up the playing surface.

Matt ran the aerator over all tees, punching a solid tine down around 100mm.

Friday we managed get our blower and vac out to clean fairways and roughs, the westerly picked up which helped the drying out process but littered the course. In our low lying rough areas on the back nine, water is still visible so please keep an eye out whilst driving.

Bunkers are back in play with GUR signs placed in the ones holding water.

Enjoy the fine weather over the weekend (finally)

Mark Stanley
Course Superintendent

Friday 01st July 2022

Just as the course was drying out......

The team this week saw a forecast we didn't want to hear, in preparation for this rain event we finished spraying around all tree bases and hit the Poa Trivialis in the top putter with a herbicide.

Last year we over-sowed the top putter to help it through winter and some seed has managed to stay in the canopy, all this rain has germinated that seed so we will spray it out to keep the Tiff eagle clean. 

Jordy was out Tuesday aerating all greens with a solid needle tine to create some air channels that will help any rain that falls move quicker through the profile. Organic fertiliser was applied to some greens as well as the zoysia on 17.

Friday morning, Danny was out with a soil app on all greens, allowing the rain to wash it in.

Fairways were cut this week and spot top-dressed on the thin areas. The canopy is still open on many, so we will look at another top-dress next week on, weather permitting. We continue to spot top-dress greens and green surrounds, please avoid walking over these areas. Fairways also received a fertiliser and iron application.

Tees were cut at 13mm this week with the heavy traffic tee boxes receiving more rye grass, these were top-dressed and no doubt the rain will do the rest.

In this weather, rye only needs 7 days and it germinates.

Pete has been out walking fairways placing distances on the sprinkler heads. These are to the center of greens and will be completed next week.

Many thanks to the small army of vets that continue to do great garden work on Tuesdays. The team and I really appreciate these days, we have some mulch now also.

No doubt a few wet days will be occurring next week, so our gardens will get a top up.

Fingers crossed we don't get too much "you know what".

Mark Stanley
Golf Course Superintendent