Patrons must be double vaccinated against COVID to enter Club

10 November 2021

Yesterday, Tuesday 9th November 2021, the Queensland Premier made two announcements which will impact the Club Industry:

  • The first announcement related to the wearing of masks once Queensland reaches its 80% first dose vaccination target; and
  • The second announcement related to public health and social measures linked to vaccination status.

To access the public health and social measures linked to vaccination status ‘plan’, click this link COVID update

Clubs Queensland understands that the second announcement has resulted in a lot of uncertainty and questions. Clubs Queensland has been in meetings with government, including the Deputy Premier and Acting Chief Health Officer to seek clarification regarding the way forward.  They have also sought independent advice in relation to the process moving forward.

What does this mean for patrons?

From 17 December 2021, only patrons who are double dose vaccinated will be able to enter the Club.

Clubs Queensland has confirmed that the Queensland Government are ‘linking’ the Check-In Queensland App (CIQ App) to Medicare records, so vaccination status will soon appear on the CIQ App platform. The Deputy Premier indicated that this will be completed at some stage next week.

From 17 December 2021, we anticipate that Clubs will be required to verify a patron’s vaccination status, through the CIQ App. This requirement is no different to what has been happening to date in terms of verifying that patrons have ‘checked-in’ using the CIQ App.

If a patron refuses to or is unable to provide evidence of vaccination status, they will not be permitted entry to the Club and as appropriate, should be asked to leave the premises. If patrons refuse to leave, the police should be notified.

At this stage, we are unable to confirm:

  • whether this restriction will also apply to patrons attending the club to play sport, such as lawn bowls and golf (we are currently in discussions with government about this); or
  • how patrons who cannot use the CIQ App are going to provide proof of vaccination status.