Clubhouse Re-Opening 4.7.2020

03 July 2020


We are pleased to advise that the clubhouse will be re-opening for trade at 8.00am this Saturday 4th July. Whilst this is exciting news and we are looking forward to seeing you all again, we are far from being back to normal, and there are things we have to do differently to comply with the authorities and to ensure the health and safety of all.


If you intend on coming to the club in the near future, please read this email in full.

From the outset I would like to point out that the rules and regulations are not of our making, but we are required to abide by them. Please be patient and respectful at all times to staff and other patrons. We will be taking "baby steps", with some normal services not returning initially until we are comfortable they can be managed.



Under stage 3, the number of patrons we can have in the clubhouse is now determined by the amount of floor space we have available.

  • For venues with a floor space of greater than 200 square metres, you are permitted 1 person per 4 square metres  (This applies to Redcliffe Golf Club)
  • For venues with a floor less than 200 square metres, you are permitted 1 person per 2 square metres, to a maximum of 50 patrons.

To comply with the one person per 4 square metres, we will have a cap of 65 patrons and 6 patrons in the poker machine area at any one time. We must record the name, phone number, email and home address of each patron, along with an IN time and an OUT time, as per regulations. Prior to coming to the clubhouse please ensure you have downloaded our 'Redcliffe Golf Club APP' to ensure a quick, easy contactless entry. 

These records must be complete and accurate, as they are critical for health authorities to contact trace efficiently if a person who is subsequently diagnosed with COVID-19 attended our venue

By collecting the time period of patronage (i.e. in and out time) the number of our patrons required to be contacted by Queensland Health is substantially reduced. 


If you don't already have our APP please click onto this link to download it.


To control numbers, patrons can only enter via the main front door of the clubhouse (Door at the Office). To exit the building, you will have to exit out of the opposite door from the entrance.  ALL other doors into the building will be LOCKED at all times. We hope you understand, this will ensure we will be able to control patron numbers and the collection of contact information in the clubhouse.


Patrons when entering via the front door will make their way to a special "Welcome Stand". Here they will be asked to show proof of signing in, and we will keep a tally of the number of patrons on-site so that we don't exceed our cap. Patrons will also have to advise the Welcome Stand when they are leaving, again so that we can keep a running tally.


The Clubhouse will be open for trade from 9:00am to 6:00pm, 7 days. All patrons will need to vacate by 6:00pm. However these times can be changed at the discretion of management. 


We will be opening the gaming room, however Keno will not available until further notice. 


The bistro will open for lunch from Monday 6th July and we will advise when Friday night dining will be recommenced. 


We continue to strongly encourage use of the MiScore App, however score cards will be available for those members who have not installed the MiScore App.


At this point in time we will not be conducting any golf presentations. This will be assessed in due course.


The Designated Outdoor Smoking Area (DOSA) will be CLOSED, until further notice. If you wish to smoke you will need to be under the sailed area at the end of the verandah. 


We absolutely want to see everyone patronising the clubhouse after golf, but we also want you to be cognisant of others wishing to use the clubhouse facilities. At certain times of the week there will be pressure on the cap of 65, in particular Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.


Anyone in the clubhouse who wishes to use the restroom must first obtain a "patron pass" from the Welcome Stand - this will ensure that your position in the 65 patron cap is not taken. 



We are pleased to advise that from Saturday 4th July alcohol will be able to be purchased from the bar and halfway house to be consumed on the golf course. I know we have a lot of thirsty members who will be very pleased at this news. It will be interesting to see if the competition scores get better or worse!!!

This is a good time to remind everyone that BYO Alcohol is absolutely not permitted.


We will be returning to our normal schedule for the Halfway House. Weather permitting (as always).


CASHLESS TRANSACTIONS: In keeping with Covid-19 guidelines, only contactless payments (EFTPOS / Credit Card and E-Wallet) will be accepted at both the Bar, Halfway House and Proshop. If you have cash that you are desperate to spend, you can use it. We would love for all of our members to respect our decision trying to stay cashless. The ATM will not be in service until next week. 


FRIDAY NIGHT MEMBERS DRAW: At this stage we will NOT be holding the Friday Night Membership Draw, as we usually get 70+ members in the clubhouse. All timesheets will be released online as usual. This will be assessed in due course.


We recommend all members and visitors  download the Government's COVID-19. 



Redcliffe Golf Club 
Kerry Newsome 
Secretary Manager