Online Draw

15 December 2021

There will be no membership draw in the Clubhouse until the 7th of January 2022.

The timesheets will be online until then, coming out on the following Thursdays –

Thursday 16th December (TOMORROW)
5.45pm – SUNDAY 26th Dec (BOXING DAY) & WEDNESDAY 29th Dec
No Saturday timesheet being released as the Course and Clubhouse are CLOSED – Merry Christmas 

Thursday 23rd December 
5.45pm – SUNDAY 2nd Jan & WEDNESDAY 5th Jan 
6.00pm – SATURDAY 1st Jan – HAPPY NEW YEAR 

Thursday 30th December 
5.45pm – SUNDAY 9th Jan & WEDNESDAY 12th Jan 
6.00pm – SATURDAY 8th Jan 

Friday 7th the Draw will be back in the Clubhouse at the normal time of 6.00pm