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Saturday 20th February 2021

Single Stableford

Sponsored by Brett Furnell  

Field 50 players

Winner A Grade – C. Albury OCB hcp- 13 score 38

Runner up – P. Dunstan hcp- 12 score- 38

Winner B Grade – K. Hill OCB hcp- 26 score- 43

Runner up – D. Southby hcp- 26 score- 43

Kleenex Award: T. Gilly

Kleenex Award: A. Leighton

Raffle: B. Mason

Raffle Runner up: K. Wills

Ball raffle: (3) P. Dunstan (2) N. Barnes (1) D. Derbyshire

NTP 2nd: (A) T. Rendell (B) P. McEwan

NTP 11th: (A) M. Barnette (B) K. Hill

NTP 13th: (A) J. Duffy (B) D. Watthour

NTP 14th: (A) T. Rendell (B) A. Johnson


Next week President VS captain trophy

Next week: 27th Feb

Draw next week: 5.40am

Event: 4 Ball Agg Stableford

Eagles nest: 11th – 11 balls 13th- 2 balls

sponsor: Shane krueger




Saturday 13th February 2021

Single VS Par

Sponsored by: Ken Wright

Field: 44 Players 

Winner A Grade: M. Barnett Hcp: 10 score: 46

Runner up: B. Brown Hcp: 13 Score:  46

Winner B Grade: M. Wilson Hcp: 29 Score: 43

Runner up: S. Watkins Hcp: 22 Score: 43

Kleenex Award: A Grade: S. Cranford 

Kleenex Award: B Grade: N. Brockie

Raffle: P. McEwan

Raffle Runner up: T. Day

Ball raffle: R. Hill (3) S. Paterson (2) C. Connolly (1)

NTP 2nd: A grade: T. Day B Grade – B. McPherson

NTP 11th:  A Grad: K. Wills B Grade- N. Grice 

NTP 13th: A Grade:  M. Noble B Grade- D. Southby 

NTP 14th: A Grade: M. Barnett B Grade-Mad Dog Cox 


Next week: 20th February

Draw next week: 5:30am

Event: Single Stableford 

Eagles nest: 11th – 11 balls 13th- 1 ball

sponsor: Brett Furnell

Saturday 6th February 2021
Single stroke
Sponsored by Redcliffe football club. 
Winner A Grade – B. Payne Hcp: 16 score: 67
Runner up – T. Rendell Hcp: 2 Score: 71
Winner B Grade – T. Gillmeister Hcp: 17 Score: 68
Runner up – J. Derbyshire Hcp: 23 Score: 38
Kleenex Award: A Grade – C. Dewar (81) 
Kleenex Award: B Grade- S. Watkins 
Raffle: S. Swiderski
Raffle Runner up: J. Whitlock
Ball raffle: (1) B. Colledge (2) G. Freir (3) P. Dunstan 
NTP 2nd: A Grade – T. Rendell B Grade – A. Johnson 
NTP 11th: A Grade – P. McEwan B Grade – N. Brockie 
NTP 13th: A grade – B. Payne B Grade – J. Paterson
NTP 14th: A Grade – S. Martin B Grade – K. Hill

Next week: 13th February 2021 
Draw next week: 5:30am 
Event: Single VS Par
Eagles nest: 11th – 11 balls 13th – 4 Balls 
sponsor: Ken Wright

Saturday 30th January 2021

Single stableford 

Sponsored by: Mark Noble 

Winner A Grade – K. Wills Hcp: 5 Score: 41

Runner up – C. Frazer Hcp: 15 Score: 40

Winner B Grade – B. Payne Hcp: 17 Score: 39

Runner up – S. Krueger OCB: S. Watkins Hcp: 21 Score: 38

Kleenex Award: A Grade – P. Dunstan (23) 

Kleenex Award: B Grade- D. Creegan (23)

Raffle: J. Morris 

Raffle Runner up: C. Frazer

Ball raffle: (3) T. Day (2) P. Cox (3) S. Martin 

NTP 2nd: A Grade – S. Martin B Grade – B. Prier 

NTP 11th: A Grade – P. McEwan B Grade – B. Payne 

NTP 13th: A grade – S. Swiderski B Grade – S. Krueger 

NTP 14th: A Grade – C. Connolly B Grade – D. Creegan


Announcement: Crego out for 6 months, best wishes.

Next week: 6th February 2021 

Draw next week: 5:30am 

Event: Single Stroke 

Eagles nest: 11th – 10 balls 13th – 4 Balls 

sponsor: Redcliffe Football Club

Saturday 23rd January 2021
Single Stroke
Sponsored by Redcliffe Golf Club  
Winner A Grade – T. Rendell hcp: 3 score: 63
Runner up – C. Connolly hcp: 9 Score: 67
Winner B Grade A. Johnson hcp: 21 Score: 64
Runner up – M. Wilson hcp: 30 Score: 69
Kleenex Award: A Grade -D. Heirsfield Score: 83
Kleenex Award: B Grade- N. Brockie Score: 94
Raffle: P. McEwan
Raffle Runner up: B. Furnell
Ball raffle: M. Barnett (3) J. Dargan (2) T. Day (1)
NTP 2nd (A Grade: C. Connolly (B Grade: B. Furnell
NTP 11th (A Grade: A. Newcomb (B Grade: N. Brockie
NTP 13th (A Grade: A. Hogan (B Grade: B. Sloggett 
NTP 14th (A Grade: M. Noble (B Garde: Gilly 

Next week: Summer Cup (T. Rendell 201)
Draw next week: 5.30am 
Event: Single stableford 
Eagles nest: 11th: 10 Balls 13th:  Balls 
sponsor: Mark Noble 

aturday 16th january 2021
Single Stroke
Sponsored by Brisbane Isuzu Alan Newcombe 
Winner A Grade – R. Grice hcp: 5 score: 69
Runner up – P. McEwan OCB: K. Wills & B. Brown hcp: 2 Score: 69
Winner B Grade – J. Dargan OCB: hcp: 17 Score: 68
Runner up – B. Sloggett hcp: 25 Score: 68
Kleenex Award: A Grade -B. Gleeson Score: 82
Kleenex Award: B Grade- N. Brockie Score: 93
Raffle: D. Derbyshire 
Raffle Runner up: D. Cregan 
Ball raffle: J. Duffy (3) K. Wills (2) B. Monaghan (1)
NTP 2nd (A Grade: K. Wills (B Grade: S. Long 
NTP 11th (A Grade: M. Noble (B Grade: B. McPherson
NTP 13th (A Grade: S. Swiderski (B Grade: T. Gillmeister 
NTP 14th (A Grade: K. Wills (B Garde: S. Watkins 

Next week: 4TH Round Summer Cup
Draw next week: 5.30am 
Event: Single stroke 
Eagles nest: 11th: 10 Balls 13th: 2 Balls 
sponsor: Redcliffe Golf Club

Saturday 26th December 
Sponsored by: No Limits Landscaping (Tony Rendell)
Single Stableford 

Winner A Grade - Clive Albury (15) 41 points OCB
Runner up - Barry Colledge (16) 41 points 
Winner B Grade - Doug Derbyshire (25) 41 points
Runner up - Wayne Grice (19) 40 OCB from Alan Johnson 
Kleenex Award:  A Grade - Adrian Hogan 25 points, B Grade - Barry McPherson 25 
Raffle winner: Barry Payne, Runner up Wayne Grice 
Ball raffle:  John Auld 3, Bruce Brown 2, Bob Sloggett 
NTP: 2nd Mark Noble/Adam Maller, Barry Colledge/Barry Payne, 13th Ricky Grice/Gavin Freier, 14th Jason Duffy/Bob Sloggett 
draw next week 5.30am Single Stableford sponsored by Trevor Gillmeister 

Saturday 5th December
Single Stroke - Sponsored by Paul, Erin and Wendy Dunstan

A Grade Winner - Rick Grice (7) 66
Runner up - Ken Wills (7) 66 
B Grade Winner - Doug Cregan (20) 66 
Runner up - Trevor Gillmeister (17) 69 ocb Barry Colledge
Kleenex Award - A Grade Chris Connolly & B Grade Glen Atterbury 
Raffle: Winner Bruce Brown, Runner up Chris Dewar
Ball raffle:  Chris Connolly 3, Brett Burnell 2, Maxim Wilson 1 
NTP 2nd Mark Noble/Steve Dowsett, 11th Jason Duffy/Adam Maller, 13th Chris Dewar/Barry Colledge, 14th Ken Wills/Barry Colledge 
Next week AGM and Trophy Presentation 
Draw 5.30am Single Stabledfor sponsored by the "Brockie Brothers" 

Saturday 31st october
Single Stroke - Sponsored by Don Heirdsfield
Winners: B Taylor (12) 66 & G Feier (21) 67
Runners up- B Hulin, J Duffy (8) 66 & G Atterbury (27) 70
Kleenex Award: S Martin 85 & S Watkins 83
Raffle Winner:  C Frazer & P Cox
Ball raffle:  W Grice , S Dowsett , S Watkins  
NTP: B Taylor , A Johnson ,R Grice , G Freier , C Frazer, J Paterson , S Martin , J Southby ( Draw)

Next week 2nd Qual RD Club Championships Draw next week : 5.30amEagles nest: 11th - 8 balls13th - 8 balls Event - Single Stroke Sponsor - Bruce Gleeson

 Saturday 24 October 2020
Single Stableford
Sponsored by: Dave Whitlock & Doug Cregan

Winner A Grade - Chris Connolly (11) 43
Runner up - Steve Swiderski OCB Bruce Gleeson (12) 40
Winner B Grade - Paul Cox (21) 43
Runner up - Bob Sloggett OCB Glen Atterbury (27) 42
Klennex Award: A Grade -Tony Rendell (27) B Grade - Gavin Freier (29)
Raffle: Adrian Hogan, Runner up Dave Southby
Ball raffle: Stephen Dowsett 3, Don Heirdsfield 2, Paul Dunstan 1
NTP 2nd A Grade-Trevor Day B Grade -Wayne Grice, 11th A Grade- Steve Swiderski B Grade- Stephen Dowsett , 13th A Grade- Bruce Gleeson B Grade- Doug Cregan 14th A Grade- Bob Taylor B Grade- Glen Edmondson
Good To see Crego back playing 
Next week - 5.30am 1st round club Dolphins
sponsor: Don Heirdsfield

Saturday 17th October 2020
4 BBB Stableford sponsored by Eric Oxenford (Life Member of the Redcliffe Golf Club )
Winners:  Paul Cox & Trevor Gillmeister 47 points
Runners up- Trevor Day & Adam Maller 47 points
Kleenex Award:  Chris Dewar & Adrian Hogan 
Raffle Winner:  Doug Derbyshire, Runner up: Alan Johnson 
Ball raffle:  Steve Dowsett (3), Don Heirdsfield (2), Bruce Brown (1) 
NTP 2nd Bruce Gleeson/Stuart Watkins, 11th Bob Taylor/Barry Monaghan, 13th Bob Taylor/Barry Monaghan, 13th Bob Taylor/Trevor Gillmeister, 14th Bob Taylor/Trevor Gillmeister, 
Draw next week 5.30am 
Single Stableford sponsored by Dave Whitlock & Doug Cregan 

SATURDAY 3RD October 2020 
Single Stroke
Sponsored by: Mark Barnett 
Winner A Grade - Scott Martin (12) 64
Runner up - Jason Duffy (4) 67 
Winner B Grade - Barry Flegg (18) 70 ocb
Runner up - Tony Chisholm (23) 70 
Klennex Award: A Grade - JIm Dargan OCB, B Grade - Adam Maller
Raffle:  Jason Duffy, Runner up Paul Cox 
Ball raffle:  Bruce Gleeson 3, Jim Paterson 2, Steve Swiderski 1 
NTP 2nd Rick Grice/Tony Chisholm, 11th Bob Taylor/Trevor Gillmesiter, 13th Jason Duffy, Jim Paterson, 14th Jason Duffy/Shane Krueger 
next week trip away Single Stableford sponsored by John Auld

Saturday 26th September 2020
Single Stableford - Sponsored by Mick Monaghan
A Grade Winner: Ged Mc Cluskie (9) 39ocb
Runner Up: Curtis Frazer (13) 39
B Grade Winner: Jeff Morris (32) 38
Runner Up: Barry Monaghan (21) 37
Kleenex Award: Chris Connolly 28 / Dave Southby 27
Ball Raffle: Bruce Gleeson / Steve Swiderski & Steve Dowsett
Draw next week: 5.30 - Single Stroke sponsored by Mark Barnett

Saturday 19th September 2020 
Singe Vs Par - Sponsored by Peter Bunney
A Grade Winner: Chris Dewar (12) +5
Runner Up: Paul Dunstan (13) +3
B Grade Winner: Peter Mc Ewan (18) +4
Runner Up: Dave Southby (27) +2
Kleenex Award: Jason Duffy -12 / Peter Bunney -10 & Adam Maller -7
Ball Raffle: Don Heirdsfield / Peter Mc Ewan / Jeff Moris
Draw next week at 5.30 - Single Stableford - Sponsored by Mick Monaghan

Saturday 12th September 2020
Single Stableford - Sponsored by Maxim Wilson & Barry Flegg
A Grade Winner: Don Heirdsfield (12) 44
Runner Up: Charlie Day (15) 37 ocb
B Grade Winner: Jimmy Dargan (17) 38
Runner Up: Trevor Gillmeister (18) 37
Kleenex Award: Clive Albury 28 and Glen Atterbury 27
Ball Raffle: Glen Atterbury / Don Heirdsfield / Doug Derbyshire
Draw Next Week: 5.30am - Single Vs Par - Sponsored by Peter Bunney

Saturday 5th September 2020
Single Stroke - Sponsored by Alan Leighton & Jim Dargan
A Grade Winner: Mark Barnett (10) 67
Runner Up: Richard Hurlin (8) 68
B Grade Winner: Barry Flegg (20) 65
Runner Up: Barry Monaghan (17) 70 ocb
Ball Raffle: Ged McCluskie /Jeff Morris and Bruce Gleeson
Announcements: Trip money to Bruce by next Saturday 12.9.20. Committee meeting Thursday 10.9.20
Draw next week: 5.40am - Single Stableford - Sponsored by Max Wilson & Barry Flegg

Saturday 22nd August, 2020
Single Stableford- Sponsored by Tensioned Concrete - Tony Chisholm
A Grade Winner: Bruce Gleeson (13) 42
Runner Up: Clive Albury (14) 39
B Grade Winner: Ken Hill (27) 38 OCB
Runner Up: Gavin Freier (21) 38 OCB
Kleenex Award: Scott Martin 23 / Steve Dowsett & Shane Krueger
Ball Raffle: Don Heirdsfield, Bruce Gleeson & Glen Atterbury
Draw Next Week: 6.00am - 4BBB Stroke - Sponsored by Glen Edmondson

Saturday 15th August 2020
Single Stableford sponsored by Scott Martin (Billy Martin Day) 
A Grade Winner: Steve Crawford (15) 41 ocb
Runner Up: Curtis Frazer (15) 41 ocb
B Grade Winner: Doug Derbyshire (24) 39ocb
Runner Up: Dave Southby 39 ocb
Kleenex Award: Bruce Gleeson 26 and Gavin Freier 24
Ball Raffle: Barry Colledge, Nev Barnes and Jim Paterson
Patrons Trophy: Trevor Gillmeister def Barry Flegg 2up
Draw next week at 6.10am. Single Stableford sponsored by Tensioned Concrete - Tony Chisholm

Saturday 8th August 2020 
Single Stableford
Winner A Grade - Ken Wills (8) 40 
Runner up - Alan Newcombe (11) 38 
Winner B Grade - Alan Johnson (24) 39 
Runner up - Barry Monaghan (22) 38 
Ball raffle:  Maxim Wilson 3, Doug Derbysire 2, Mark Barnett 1

Saturday 27th June 2020

Single Stableford sponsored by Barry Colledge and Chris Connolly.
A Grade winner; Jason Duffy 38 on count back from runnerup Trevor Gillmeister 38.
B Grade winner; Nev Barnes 43; runnerup Gavin Freier 37.

Saturday 20th June 2020

Congratulations to Mark Noble defeating Jimmy Dargan 3/2 in the final of the Past Players Memorial Trophy
Thanks to sponsors Jason Duffy & Bruce Brown yesterday's single stableford results:
A Grade winner; Steve Swiderski 39 on c/b from runner up Scott Martin 39.
B Grade winner; Shane Krueger 38 on c/b from runner up Tony Chisholm 38.

Saturday 13th June 2020 

Single Stableford sponsored by Clive Albury
A Grade Winner: Jason Duffy (3) 67
Runner Up: Ken Wills (8) 68B Grade Winner: Peter McEwan (18) 70Runner Up: Nev Barnes (28) 71The semi-finals of the Past Players Memorial Trophy: Mark Noble defeated Charlie Day 4 & 3; Jim Dargan defeated Steve Dowsett 5 & 4.

Saturday 6th June, thanks to sponsors Wayne & Ricky Grice, Single Stroke:

A Grade Winner: Trevor Gillmeister 70 on c/b from Runner up Jason Duffy 70.
B Grade Winner: Alan Johnson 68 from Runner Up Wayne Grice 70.
Past Players Memorial Trophy matchplay results:
Mark Noble defeated Don Heirdsfield 4/3; Charlie Day defeated Chris Connolly 3/2; Jim Dargan defeated Adrian Hogan 2/1; Steve Dowsett defeated Barry Monaghan 1 up.
Saturday 21st March
Single Stroke sponsored by Jim Paterson & Peter McEwan
Field 40 players
A Grade Winner - D Heirdsfield (13) 68
Runner up - T Rendell (2) 70
B Grade Winner - A Johnson (23) 71
Runner up - D Derbyshire (22) 72
President's Mug - T Day 71
Raffle: Winner - P McEwan , Runner up - N Brockie
Ball Raffle - M Noble 3 P McEwan 2, D Heirdsfield 1
NTP 2nd T Day/W Grice, 11th M Noble/S Dowsett, 13th R Grice/D Cregan, 14th J Dargan/P Cox
Draw next week 6.00am Single Stroke sponsored by Adrian Hogan & Bill Mason
Saturday 14th March 
Single Stableford sponsored by Paul Cox
Field 30 players
A Grade Winner - R Grice (7) 41 Points
Runner up - M Noble (5) 39 Points
B Grade Winner - S Watkins (19) 38 Points
Runner up - D Derbyshire (23) 37 Points
Kleenex Award: A Grade - C Frazer B Grade B Sloggett 
President's Mug - C ALbury (13) 38 Points
Raffle: Winner - M Wagne , Runner up - T Gillmeister
NTP 2nd T Day/S Long, 11th T Rendell/S Long, 13th R Grice/S Dowsett, 14th C Albury
Draw next week 5.50am Single Stroke sponsored by Jim Paterson & Peter McEwan - 
1st qualifying round Trust Players Memorial 
Saturday 7th March 2020
Single Stroke sponsored by Ken Hill & Dave Southby
Field 38 players
A Grade Winner: Bob Taylor (13) 64
Runner Up: Mark Barnett (10) 69 ocb
B Grade Winner: Tony Chisholm (22) 71
Runner Up: Doug Derbyshire (22) 72
Kleenex Award: Barry Colledge 82 and Noel Brockie 92
President's Mug: Clive Albury 69
Raffle: Glewn Atterbury / Ken Wills
Ball Raffle: Bill Mason/Doug Derbyshire / Mark Noble
NTP's 2nd Tony Rendell / Noel Brockie 11th Jason Duffy / Glen Atterbury
13th Chris Connolly / Doug Cregan 14th Barry Payne / Tony Chisholm
Draw next week 5.40am Single Stableford Sponsored by Paul Cox
Saturday 8th Februar
Single Stableford sponsored by Redcliffe Football Club
Field 37 players
A Grade Winner - Jim Dargan (16) 40 points
Runner up - Chris Connolly (8) 39 points...
B Grade Winner - Shane Long (20) 40 points
Runner up - Gavin Freier (20) 38 points
Kleenex Award: A Grade - Peter McEwan 29, B Grade Alan Johnson 23
President's Mug - Mark Noble
Raffle: Winner - Kerry Newsome, Runner up - Curtis Frazer
Ball raffle: Chris Connolly 3, Peter McEwan 2, Bruce Brown 1
NTP 2nd Jason Duffy/Dave Southby, 11th Tony Rendell/Steve Dowsett, 13th Steve Swiderski/Wayne Grice, 14th Tony Rendell/Bob Sloggett
Draw next week 5.30am Single vs Park sponsored by Ken Wright
Saturday 01.02.20
Field: 45 players
Single Stroke -sponsored by Mark Noble
Winner A Grade - Bruce Gleeson (14) 67 ocb
Runner up - Mark Barnett (11) 67 
Winner B Grade - Doug Cregan (20) 71 
Runner up - Wayne Grice (21) 72
Kleenex Award: A Grade - Bill Mason 85, B Grade - Glen Atterbury 
Presidents Mug - Mark Noble ocb Steve Swiderski 
Raffle: Winner - Kerry Newsome, Runner up - Maxim Wilson
Ball raffle: Ken Hill (3), Bob Taylor (2), Doug Cregan (1) 
NTP 2nd Barry Colledge/Glen Atterbury, 11th Peter McEwan/Glen Atterbury, 13th Tony Rendell/Barry Monaghan, 14th Mark Noble/Ken Hill 
Draw next week: 5.30am 
Single Stableford - sponsored by Redcliffe Football Club 
Saturday 25.01.20
Field: 48 players
Single Stroke -sponsored by Redcliffe Golf Club 
Winner A Grade - Curtis Frazer (14) 40 
Runner up - Steve Swiderski (12) 39 
Winner B Grade - Jeff Morris (30) 41 
Runner up - Glen Edmondson OCB Wayne Grice (18) 38 
Kleenex Award: A Grade - Clive Albury 29, B Grade - Dave Southby 24 ocb 
Presidents Mug - Mark Noble 
Raffle: Winner - Bruce Brown, Runner up - Bob Taylor 
Ball raffle: Peter McEwan (3), Bruce Brown (2), Mark Noble (1) 
NTP 2nd Barry Colledge/Tony Chisholm, 11th Ged McCluskie/Steve Dowsett, 13h Barry Colledge/Barry Monaghan, 14th Steve Swiderski/Maxim Wilson 
Draw next week: 5.30am 
Single Stroke sponsored by Mark Noble 
Saturday 18th January 2020 - No Comp due to rain 
Saturday 11th January 2020
Field: 45
Single Stroke - sponsored by Stuart Watkins & Barry Payne
A Grade Winner: Chris Dewar (12) 69
Runner Up: Chris Connolly (8) 70
B Grade Winner: Shane Long (20) 72 ocb
Runner Up: Paul Cox (20) 72
Kleenex Award: Bill Mason (85) / Glen Atterbury (89)
President's Mug: Mark Noble
Raffle: Stuart Watkins / Jim Dargan
Ball Raffle: Mark Noble / Paul Cox / Dave Southby
NTP's 2nd C. Connolly / S. Dowsett 11th M. Noble / S. Kruger
13th J. Duffy / D. Derbyshire 14th B. Payne / B. Monaghan
Draw next week: 5.30am. Single Vs Par sponsored by Brisbane Izuzu - Alan Newcombe