Dolphin Golfers Club Inc.

Established in 1971 (Formed by John Brockie, Clive Black, Mick Worboys and Jimmy Caruthers)

The opportunity arose for all golfers (social and club members) to utilize this early time not used by the Redcliffe Golf Club as their starting sheet commenced at 8am. In 1983 “was mandatory that all players had to be financial playing members of the Redcliffe Golf Club”.

Dolphin Golfers Club Inc. body consists of a President, Secretary, Treasurer/ Membership Officer, Captain, Vice-Captain and four committee members.

Dolphin Golfers Club Inc. Eligible Members must be Seven (7) day Members of the Redcliffe Golf Club. (NOT SOCIAL)

Dolphin Golfers Club Inc. is a group of members who demonstrate sportsmanship and Camaraderie/fellowship. “Strong supporters of Bar and Catering facilities of the Redcliffe Golf Club”.

Membership numbers are capped at 60. This has to be controlled or playing numbers would be too great to hit off in the allocated time. New Members are elected by committee via a secret ballot from all current applications.  (This only applies when a membership position or positions become vacant)

Dolphin Golfers Club Inc. members play every Saturday filling the first hour time slot.  You can arrange your own group OR  the Captain will arrange you with playing partners. Names must be registered (via email) with the Captain by Thursday evening each week.

Dolphin Golfers Club Inc. is a proud Sponsor of the Redcliffe Golf Club Members, Lady Members, Juniors and the Hole in One prize on No 2. for monthly medal events.

Dolphin Golfers Club Inc. membership is open to every full seven (7) day Members of the Redcliffe Golf Club. Members wishing to apply for membership are required to complete an application form and return to the Secretary for their application to be addressed at next committee meeting. Rules and Regulations state you are required to play a minimum of 2 games per month. 

Dolphin Golfers Club Inc. Clause 3 of Our Rules: “The objects of the association are to afford to its members the means of social enjoyment, mental and moral improvement and rational recreation through playing the game of Golf” It is important for all to understand that the Dolphins are not just a convenience for an early hit off time.

Fees are as follows:-

Annual Membership $20
Competition Fee $7  
Compulsory Raffle $5     
Uniform:  Shirt  $20

For further information please contact,

Mark Barnett (President - 0477004958)
Peter McEwan (Captain – 0477 004 958)
Doug Derbyshire (Treasurer - 0459189820)