Superintendent's Reports

Weekly 2019 Course Superintendent Reports from Mark Gahan


Friday 18th January 201

During the week we commenced aeration of fairways, this is to relieve compaction and improve irrigation penetration into the soil. It will take a few weeks to complete and should have little impact on general play.

Next week (Tuesday and Thursday) work is planned for a new asphalt path from the 17th green to 18th men’s tee, also the existing 13th deco path will also be sealed. We aim to complete work on 13 prior to the Ladies competition.

The 17th path will improve wet weather playability and tidy the area where carts have worn and pitted the turf. The 13th deco path is an ongoing maintenance issue after heavy rains.

Our irrigation has been working overtime due to this hot dry spell. We are currently applying over a million liters of water each night to the course.

Friday 11th January 2019

Due to current growing conditions our greens required another light dethatch, they are rolling ok but a few thatching marks are visible.

Our average long-term rainfall is 1087mm. Last year (2018) we only received 742mm. The condition of fairways and consistent turf improvement in previously thin areas is a direct result of our new irrigation system. The 14th and 5th fairways in particular, have improved significantly.

We have booked a root pruning machine to cut tree roots growing into fairways, pruning will along the drip line of trees. We hope it will be here sometime next week. 

A few weeds have invaded fairway areas where we had previously sprayed Kikuyu. Two weeks ago we spot sprayed these weeds with a selective herbicide at the low label rate with no real result. We have reapplied it at the high label rate. There is an alternate effective herbicide available but it is 'hot' on green couch so we decided on the safer option. 

Staff illness this week has again taken a toll on some aspects of course presentation.

There is a female kangaroo with a joey that appears to have a broken foot, Jai is monitoring its health as apparently there is not a lot that can be done. The joey can be hand reared if necessary.


Friday 4th January 2019

The previous two weeks has been busy with golf and combined with staff holidays this has taken a toll on some aspects of course presentation.

Despite the above we have completed irrigation to all fairways. As reported a few additional sprinklers are planned (mainly in the roughs) these will be installed as required.

Peter James and our recent irrigation casuals Neil, Josh and Steve have worked very efficiently to complete our massive irrigation project to an excellent standard of quality, on time and at a considerable cost saving for the club. They all deserve a big thank you.

As reported, to complete our mainline a 200mm pipe is required to connect from the 10th (near the dam) across to the 9th fairway a distance of 130m or so. This is planned in the next few weeks.

We have been asked to provide more access points for walking players where rope barriers direct golf carts.

Recycling bins are planned for cans and plastic bottles and we are looking at options.

Kerry has contacted the Council regarding mosquito control as there appears to be an infestation at the moment.  She is awaiting their reply. 

Mark Gahan
Course Superintendent