In 1934, when the M.R. Hornibrook Company was building the Hornibrook Highway (now the Houghton Highway), the Directors of that Company thought that establishing a golf course at the northern end of the bridge, could be a feasible proposition. Accordingly they purchased 166 acres of what was mostly farming land.

In the early 1930’s Clontarf, with access only from Anzac Avenue, was the most remote area on the Redcliffe Peninsula. When the highway across Hayes Inlet was completed it brought about a remarkable change to Clontarf, which now became the front door to the Peninsula, and a great area for a golf course.

The land was first surveyed in 1864, and in 1866 Charles Kislingbury purchased 124 acres in the area for 124 pounds. Then a year later John Anderton bought 40 acres – also for one pound an acre. This land changed hands many times over the years, and a comparison of prices is interesting. That area purchased for 40 pounds in 1866, was sold to Robert Scott for 506 pounds in 1917. This piece of real estate changed hands on five more occasions, before it was part of the land purchased by Hornibrook in 1934.

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Key History Events

Year Event

In March work commenced on building the Clontarf course by M.R. Hornibrook.


In August the Peninsula Country Golf Club Course opened for play. Total membership – 250.


With golf in Redcliffe on the wane, the freehold of the course is sold to Royal Queensland Golf Club.


On the 15th September the Redcliffe Golf Club was formed at a community meeting and Sir MR Hornibrook was appointed our 1st Patron. The club was using block times supplied by our landlords.


In October the club secures a lease of the course and Clubhouse for $2,000.00 per annum.


In October the club turns on a watering system using effluent from the Council Treatment Plant.

1971 In April a full time Secretary Manager employed. In May the club secures a 25 year lease.

In October a new clubhouse opened.


In April after years of negotiation the club buys the course freehold for $340,000. Work commences on a complete course upgrade.


In November to celebrate the Club’s 25th Anniversary a booklet is published and on Sunday 10th, a time capsule, to be opened in 2010, is installed.


A Halfway House is built to commemorate our bicentennial year.


In June, a golfers “Wall of Fame” is opened.


In November, the new clubhouse and pro shop complex is opened.


Awarded Metropolitan Golf Club of the Year at the PGA Awards.


In October, Kerry Newsome, was appointed the first female secretary/manager of the Redcliffe Golf Club which is very exceptional in golf clubs.


In November, the club celebrated its 50th Anniversary and also opened the time capsule which was installed in 1985 and laid a new capsule to be opened in November 2035.


It was a sign of the times when the Redcliffe Golf Club opened full membership for both male and female golfers.


The Club introduced a 3 Month Trial Membership for all categories. The Club also upgraded the pipeline between the Unity Water Treatment Plant and our golf course.

2015  The Club was awarded the "2014 GMAQ Golf Club of the Year".  The Club was awarded this recognition from the Golf Managers Assocation Queensland at the Golf Infdustry Awards.  
2015 The club decided to operate the Pro Shop when the golf professional left.  The Club has employed two PGA members 
2016 Dam construction completed to ensure the club has a continuous supply of water. 
2016 Commencement of replacing the entire rrigation system on the golf course