Update from Kirsty Hodgkins

12 November 2017


Since my last update i have played two tournaments. The PAC-12 preview in Hawaii and SMU invitational in Texas. I finished inside the top 20 in both events. Hawaii i shot 75, 73 with the last day being washed out. In Texas i shot 76, 74, 76 because those greens were ridiculous and i think that is the most amount of three putts i've ever had from inside 10ft...ever. I just couldn't get the speed or the slope of those greens, they were insane. 

We are now in off season though, YAY!! This means our coaching hours get cut from 20 to 8 and it now gives me a little bit more time to study for my classes which is nice. 

This will be my last update for a while, I will be back in Australia from December 22nd to January 14th. I've been invited to play the Master of the Amateurs down at Royal Melbourne, so i will be playing that from January 8-13th.

Hope everyone is well and i will see you all soon

Kirsty xx

Update from Kirsty Hodgkins