14 May 2020



We are holding the Ladies Club Championships for A B & C Grades. The office will be responsible for the running of this event. Competition fee $13.00 each Tuesday.

We have been advised by the office that the men will also be conducting their championships this year, with the finals being played on Sunday, 12/7/20

1st Round Qualifying
Tuesday 9/6/20

2nd Round Qualifying
Tuesday 16/6/20

Quarter Final Match Play
Thursday 18/6/20

Semi-Final Match Play
Thursday 25/6/20

Sunday 12/7/20

There will not be a seeded draw, tee times will be as follows based on daily handicaps:

A Grade 0 - 20
B Grade 21 - 28
C Grade 29 - 45

🏌️‍♀️Tuesdays 🏌️‍♀️

7.00am to 7.24 - Open for all grades

7.30am to 8.00 - A Grade only
8.06am to 8.42 - B Grade only
8.48am to 9.18 - C Grade only
9.24am to - close of sheet - Open all grades

🏌️‍♀️ Thursdays 🏌️‍♀️

8.15am A B & C Match Play - followed by Thursday Comp.

Please Note: If you have placed your name on the time sheet in the wrong grade, you will be moved.

When registering, if using the MI Score App let pro shop know if you are not qualifying, if marking card please mark NQ on your card.

Good Golfing to all.
Ladies Match Committee





Any female financial member of Redcliffe Golf Club with a current GA handicap is eligible to play in Ladies Club Championship.  Trial Members will not be eligible to win the Honour Board Event.

The event consists of two (2) 18 hole Stroke rounds played on consecutive Tuesdays and is played in 3 Grades, A B & C.  The top 8 players in each grade enter match play to determine the winner.  Match play played off the stick.  Grades - A Grade 0 - 20, B Grade 21 - 28 & C Grade 29 - 45 Daily Handicaps.

If a player moves to/from another grade the 1st round grade played in & daily handicap used will apply for the duration of the event.

Championship rounds will be played in groups of 4.

Players will be moved up in the field automatically by the starter.

Any player may engage a caddy in the resulting match play rounds, but no professional or trainee professional can caddy.

Any player may use a motorised golf buggy.

Any player may use a distance measuring device that measures distance only. (Rule 4.3a).  Breach of this rule leads to a general penalty or disqualification.

Mobile phones must be turned off or in the mute mode at all times whilst on the course.  Committee's decision re mobile phones will be applied.

In the event of a Tie:

There will be a count back on the 2nd qualifying round of the 18 hole gross score.  Then normal count back conditions apply if the initial count back is still tied.  (Ref. C.1.20 Ladies Decision Book).

Nett Event: Count backs on normal count back conditions.

Match play to be played on designated dates, except under exceptional circumstances, which must be referred to the Match Committee.

Any dispute or claim must be lodged within 30 minutes of players involved completing their round.

The Match Committee's decision is final in all or any matters relating to Ladies Championships.

1st Qualifying Round 
Tuesday 9/6/2020

2nd Qualifying Round
Tuesday 16/6/2020

1/4 Final Match Play
Thursday 18/6/2020

Semi-Final Match Play 
Thursday 25/6/2020

Final  Match Play
Sunday 12/7/2020