RGC - Latest COVID-19 Rules and Advice

27 March 2020

Dear Members & Visitors

Below is the latest COVID-19 rules and advice:

1. NTP's will be removed from competitions as from Saturday 28th March 2020
2. Both putting greens near the first tee have been filled in
3. Score cards: -
Players are not to register themselves into the competition via the touch screens, all players will be registered by the pro shop staff

Printer will be placed on the counter and the player will retrieve their own score card from there

Players to mark and sign their own card. Just write the markers' name in the marker's signature section otherwise
your score card will not scan.

Leave your golf glove on your hand to confirm score on touch screen or alternatively use a tissue provided and dispose of tissue immediately after use in the bin provided.

The Club is looking into an APP for recording scores. The MiScore App is an approved scoring method aligned with the 2020 rules of golf.

⚡️IMPORTANT!!! It has been observed that some players are not applying the social distancing rules, YOU MUST BE AT LEAST 1.5 METRES FROM ANOTHER PERSON, and you MUST NOT touch another person under any circumstances unless in the case of an emergency.
⚡️To ensure we provide a safe working environment for our staff, the preferred method of payment is "PAYWAVE" (tap your card). If you could please use "PAYWAVE" it would be appreciated.

If you are showing any of the following symptoms please stay at home and do not come to the golf course:

🙅‍♀️Runny nose
🙅‍♂️Sore throat
🙅‍♀️Difficulty breathing (severe cases)

We thank the members and visitors who have been abiding by the rules we have put into place to ensure the golf course stays open.

In line with the Health Department, if you are in the "greater risk" of people who are likely to contract the virus then we suggest you consider your options. This is an extract direct from the Health Department Website:

Why is the COVID-19 coronavirus so dangerous for the elderly?

If you are exposed to the COVID-19 coronavirus, you are at much greater risk of serious illness if you have a chronic condition or a weakened immune system. People who are older than 60 (or 50 in the case of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders) are more likely to have a chronic condition or weaker immune system and so are at greater risk.

If you require any further information, please contact me via email info@redcliffegolf.com


Redcliffe Golf Club

Kerry Newsome
Secretary Manager