Captain’s Rule of the Week

27 March 2020

Captain’s Rule of the Week – Question

Sue hits her drive on the 18th hole and when she gets to her ball she finds that it has come to rest up against one of the Out Of Bounds stakes.

Her ball is resting at the base of the stake and right in the middle of the stake so that no part of the ball protrudes on either side of the stake. 

Sue believes that because no part of her ball is outside the edge of the stake, her ball is in-bounds.

Her playing partners are divided on the issue.

Is Sue’s ball in play or Out of Bounds?


Captain’s Rule of the Week – Answer
(See Definition of Out of Bounds & Rule 18.2a(2) )

The short answer is the ball is Out of Bounds (OOB).

To resolve this issue you need to do look up the definition of Out Of Bounds and Rule 18.2.

Rule 18.2a(2) says that a ball at rest is Out of Bounds only when all of it is outside the boundary edge of the course.

The definition states when Out of Bounds is defined by stakes, the boundary edge is defined by the line between the course-side points of the stake at ground level, and those stakes are Out of Bounds.

All of Betty’s ball lies outside the boundary edge, so her ball is OOB.