Best practice on the golf course

25 March 2020

Dear Members & Visitors

Below is an update on best practice to ensure that the course remains open:

  • All ball washers will be removed from the course
  • Motorised carts (club hired and personal) – one cart, one bag and one person.   No other person is to temporarily drive or sit in the cart.
  • Do not pick up or touch another player’s golf clubs or golf balls  
  • Rakes will be removed from bunkers. If a player’s ball lands in a footprint they are entitled to a free drop in the bunker.
  • Flag is to remain in the hole and remove ball with gloved hand or if you don't use a glove then use something suitable such as a hankie or paper towel etc 
  • A cut off pool noodle will be installed in the bottom of the holes to about 2 inches below green surface
  • Alcohol not to be consumed on the course or on the premises
  • Social distancing – maintain a distance of 1.5 metres from other players
  • When paying for anything in the pro shop “PAYWAVE” is the preferred option or alternatively load money onto your E-Wallett and use that.

We ask all members and visitors to ensure they ‘do the right thing’ and respect the seriousness of this situation. The very last thing the club needs is another ‘Bondi Beach’ scenario. We would like to continue to keep the course open however if players are not doing the right thing, they will face disciplinary action and it may result in the course being closed.

If you require any further information, please contact me via email


Redcliffe Golf Club                                                       

Kerry Newsome

Secretary Manager