Kirsty Hodgkins Update

09 March 2018

Hi Everyone,

Sorry it has been a while, I've been trying to catch up with school and trying to get over jet lag.

Singapore was an amazing experience and it was awesome to represent Australia. I shot scores of 71, 75, 70, 73 to finish tied 20th which on that course i was very happy with. 

I then jumped on a plane and the day after arriving in the states I went straight into a college tournament at San Luis Obispo. I played 36 holes on the first day and jet lag definitely caught up to me on the second round but managed to shoot scores of 73, 82, 73 to finish tied 11th in a very tough field.

I then spent a couple days at school before going to San Francisco and competing in a tournament out there. It was a very nice golf course but I think with everything going on I momentarily forgot how to play golf. We're just going to leave it at that.

 I now have two weeks at home where I'll sit my next differential equations and physics exams before heading to Arizona on March 21st. 

Hope everyone is well

Kirsty xx