Update from Kirsty

09 July 2019

Hi Everyone,

It’s official! I am finally back in Australia! I have finished my junior year (third year) in the states and I’ll be back here until August 23rd.

Junior year is the hardest in the engineering but miraculously I have survived and managed not to fail any classes. Only one more year to go, it’ll be a tough year school wise but hopefully I get through it.

Had a rocky season golf wise, had some good scores but not some great ones, so I blamed the clubs and completely switched them all to new ones 😂looking forward to the next year as it will be my final year playing for the university of Colorado and hopefully make it the best one yet.

I would love to catch up with as many people as possible, I’ll be around the club most days with my little sis so feel free to stop and chat. 

Hope everyone is well

I’m excited to be home after so long

Kirsty xx