Kirsty Hodgkins Update

18 December 2019

Hi Everyone,

Figured I should send one last update to close out the year and the fall semester. School is all done for me, just waiting for grades now. One semester left and hopefully I will be a college graduate. Hasn't been any golf for a while, just some practice. I am playing a couple events when I am home, The Masters of The Amatuers from 7-10 Jan (played at Victoria Golf Club) and the Australian Amatuer from 14-19 Jan (played at Brisbane Golf Club and Royal Queensland Gofl club). 

Spending some time in Connecticut with family right now and will be back in Australia from the 27th. Hopefully get to see a few of you while I'm home! I will be heading back on the 20th to start my last semester of school and my first college event will be February 17-18 played in Las Vegas. 

Hope everyone is well 

Happy Holidays, hope you all have a safe and pleasant holiday

Kirsty xx