Kirsty Hodgkins Update

05 April 2018

Hi Everyone,

It's been a pretty busy week. We have just come back from spring break and my professors believe this is the perfect time to have projects due and to hold exams. So no sleep for me here. 

I have had a couple better results in tournaments, I am currently undergoing swing changes so it's taking me a little bit to trust it in tournaments but hopefully this next tournament will be good. 

Over spring break we went back-to-back for two tournaments. First one was out in Arizona. I finished tied 24th with 71, 78, 70. Then we drove to San Diego and the next day started a match play tournament. I lost my first match 5/4, won my second 3/1 and then lost my last one on the last hole. The team finished 7th out of 12 but we did beat a couple of top 10 ranked schools including Stanford so we are happy about that.

I leave this Friday for Colorado's home tournament which is actually hosted out in Napa, California. There is a chance of flooding this weekend in California so hopefully we are able to play all three rounds.

Hope everyone is well


Kirsty xx