A Veteran Golfer is a person who has attained the age of 55 years, is an amateur golfer and is a financial playing member of a Golf Club affiliated with Golf Australia, holding a current Golf Australia handicap; and is a member of a Veteran Association, or other body affiliated with the Australian Veteran Golfers Union.

Membership of the Redcliffe Veterans Golf Club is open to all members of the Redcliffe Golf Club who are over the age of 55. Fees are follows:

  • Annual Membership Fee: $10.00
  • Members and Members of Reciprocal Clubs Competition Fee: $10.00
  • Veteran Visitors: $10.00 Competition Fee + $22.00 Green Fee
  • New members: $40.00 which includes the cost of a club shirt 

To view the 2019 Redcliffe Veterans programme please click here 

The VETS membership has now reached full capacity, so it will be closed to new members until further notice. 

The Vets play on Mondays and Visitors are always welcome -  Vets Competitions are now listed on the Club's Online Booking Sheet. All members who wish to play should register online; visitors, who must be Veteran members of their own club, should request a booking via the office.

For further information please contact either Chris Francis  (President) 3263 8686 or Bill Crawford (Secretary) 0400 320 109

Vets 2018 Committee: 

President: Chris Francis
Vice President:  Kevin Titterell
Captain:  Bill Crawford
Vice Captain:  Ray Phelps
Secretary: Wayne Jackson
Treasurer: Hilton Holloway 
Committee Member:  Ian Sharry