The Ladies Committee have made some changes to how we play our competition days.


  • We are continuing with our golf games on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


  • The clubhouse and the facilities are available for use.


  • Presentations will be suspended until further notice, as we are not holding a gathering for presentations.


  • Comply with all safety recommendations


We encourage all members to use the official Redcliffe Golf Club website for all updates.


Your cooperation is appreciated.


Redcliffe Golf Club - Ladies Committee                    21/03/2020



3rd March 2020
Open Day - Single Stableford

Today was kindly sponsored by Sporte Leisure. A hugely successful day with over 120 attendees and many visitors. We had a very hot day with trying humidity. The scoring results were still pretty impressive!


A Grade Winner - Debbie Love
Keppera Golf Club - 41 Points


A Grade Runner up - Sue Pottle
Kingaroy Golf Club - 38 Points


B Grade Winner - Vicki Staples
Wantima Golf Club - 39 Points


B Grade Runner up - Gayle Steggles
Redcliffe Golf Club - 
38 Points


C Grade Winner - Denise Semple
Wantima Golf Club - 36 Points 


C Grade Runner up - Carlene Bourke
Redcliffe Golf Club - 
35 Points 




4Ball Aggregate Stableford Captain's Trophy 

Today was kindly sponsored by our captain Helen Chittock

A cooler day with very heavy conditions. The later starters finished in soaking rain.


The winners for the day were Helen Stuart and Eliza Warburton [a new lady fresh from Wynnum Golf Club (Lucky us!)]  With a winning score of 68 points


Close runners up were Audine Coveney and Jenny Somers with 64 points.


An encouragement award was won by Carlene Bourke (returning from double knee replacement) and Janine Maintland (another of our new ladies).


6th February 2020

Welcome back to everyone.  It was a cooler day for us which was very refreshing although the wind was pretty gusty at times.  Good scores were achieved with at times challenging conditions. Congratulations to all winners. We had a terrific field of 94 players and special thanks to Hannah Mason for playing with us today.  Hannah is our Golf Operations Manager and part of the Redcliffe PGA Professional Team and will be joining us in some games throughout the year.

Welcome Back Day

Supported by our sponsor Euro Pacific Liquor

Single Stableford and Mystery Partner


A Grade Winner & Runner Up
Alison Greenhatch (38)  &  Sandra Edmondson (37)


B Grade Winner & Runner Up
Gayle Steggles (37)  &  Joan Petersen (36CB)


C Grade Winner  &  Runner Up
Robyn Collett (37)  &  Daphne Masella (34)


Mystery Partner Winners
Helen Chittock  &  Audine Coveney (69)


NTP 7th C grade                 Kerrie Slinger

NTP 11th A grade              Melissa Weber

NPT 11th B grade               Debi Williamson

NTP 13th Div 1                     Helen Chapman

NTP 13th Div 2                    Liz Haddon


Results of Summer Cup

Best 3 out of 5 cards

Congratulations to

Division 1 Kristal Lee

Division 2 Gayle Steggles on count back from Jenny Beech


Previous representation for the Redcliffe Club include wins in:

  • 1997 Gold Division 4
  • 1998 Gold Division 3
  • 2008 Gold Division 1
  • 2009 Gold Division 3
  • 2001 Bronze Zone 2
  • 2012 Gold Division 1
  • 2013 Gold Division 1
  • 2014 Gold Division 1 (Runner up)

Redcliffe was pleased to field 3 teams in the pennant competition for 2019. Well done to all our girls on some very close results.